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Shane Cashman’s stories have appeared in The AtlanticCatapult, Narratively, VICE, Salon, MonkeybicycleThe New York Observer, Vol.1 Brooklyn, Fiction SoutheastWord Riot, Neutrons Protons and elsewhere.

Death of a Lawn Ornament

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Death of a Lawn Ornament |  Entropy Magazine

Syd told his mom she’s a serial killer when he realized their house was surrounded by horse graves.

“I’m not a killer, we don’t kill them,” she said. “We put them down.” She counted just the graves they could see from the porch—“we ran out of room here, ran out of room there, had to open up a new piece of land for those horses there, almost buried one horse atop another over there when those two died within weeks of each other and as soon as we started to dig, blood came up like oil.”

I’m happy to share my new story “Death of a Lawn Ornament.”
This is a small portion of a larger project that I’ve been hammering away at for some time now—so it’s a real honor to see it run in Entropy Magazine.
Many thanks to the kind editors of Entropy for giving it a home and many thanks to you for reading.


Photo Credit |  Alicia King Photography