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Shane Cashman’s stories have appeared in The AtlanticCatapult, Narratively, VICE, Salon, MonkeybicycleThe New York Observer, Vol.1 Brooklyn, Fiction SoutheastWord Riot, Neutrons Protons and elsewhere.


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My Son and the NICU at the Center of the Universe |  Fatherly Magazine

“There are five other babies in five other HALOs. A chair sits at the side of each. Parents huddle. It looks like we’re in an aquarium. I overhear someone say there’s the same amount of salt in amniotic fluid as in the sea. I do not know yet that this is not true, but this myth that the womb and the sea are in some way connected, gives me strange solace.”

I’m happy to share my new story “My Son and the NICU at the Center of the Universe.”

Many thanks to the kind editors of Fatherly for giving it a home and many thanks to you for reading.